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Active Optical Cable Market is Slated to Witness Tremendous Growth in Coming Years | by 3M Company, Amphenol Corporation, Broadcom Inc – Digital Journal

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New Jersey, United States – Analysis of Active Optical Cable Market 2022 to 2028, Size, Share, and Trends by Type, Component, Application, Opportunities, Growth Rate, and Regional Forecast
The Active Optical Cable Market reached a size of US$ 2,176.5 Million. The market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.50% from 2022 to 2028, reaching a value of US$ 8,223.5 Million. We are regularly tracking and assessing the direct as well as the indirect impact of the pandemic while keeping in mind the COVID-19 uncertainties. These observations are cited in the study as a significant market contributor.
The active optical cable market’s end-user application is predicted to be led by data centers. One of the main factors driving the market is the expanding demand for active optical cables in data centers around the world. To connect servers, switches, and storage, which is done via active optical cable, the data center industry also requires a wide range of fiber optic modules. As a result, a major market driver is the expansion of data center deployment.
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One of the main factors propelling the active optical cable market expansion is the rising demand for consumer electronics around the world. In accordance with this, the shrinking of consumer devices that offer high-quality video resolution displays is promoting market expansion by raising demand for lightweight and thinner-built active optical cables. A significant boost to the market’s growth is also being provided by numerous technological developments, such as the introduction of network-function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), which help to reduce network power consumption and provide longer life cycles for network hardware. Additionally, the market growth is being positively impacted by the extensive use of active optical cables because of their improved virtualized connection, reduced error rates, and cost-effectiveness.
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Segment Analysis:
In order to receive and enhance signals using an active optical cable, active optical cables are transceiver products that have active electrical and optical components. These cables are made up of modules, transceivers, control chips, and multimode optical fiber. They transform electrical impulses into optical ones so that data and video communications can be sent between sources and displays across both long and short distances. Personal computers, data centers, digital billboards, consumer electronics, and high-performance computing all make extensive use of active optical links. These cables are thin, contribute to a reduction in bulk, and provide increased performance and bandwidth with little power usage. Active optical cables offer resistance to electromagnetic interference and do away with the requirement for an external optical transceiver, in contrast to connecting copper wires.
As the market for data centers grows, the Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) form factor is increasingly used in the active optical cables. QSFP active optical cables are made to be highly effective, power-efficient, and long-reaching. These cables are ideal for applications such as high-performance computing and high-density signal transmission in data centers. A new form factor called CDFP (400 Form Factor Pluggable) can carry large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. By developing technology and offering goods that can be interchanged mechanically and electrically, it meets the needs of the industry. In the active optical cable industry, it is expanding at the fastest rate.
Due to their growing popularity in the data center industry, active optical cables frequently use the Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) form size. High performance, little power consumption, and extensive reach are all features of QSFP active optical cables. These cables are ideal for high-density signal transmission in data centers and high-performance computer applications, among other things. A brand-new form factor called CDFP (400 Form Factor Pluggable) can carry data at high rates while using little power. By improving technology and offering goods that can be interchanged mechanically and electrically, it meets the needs of the industry. The active optical cable industry, it is expanding at the fastest rate.
Regional Analysis:
North America United States Canada Asia-Pacific China Japan India South Korea Australia Indonesia Others Europe Germany France United Kingdom Italy Spain Russia Others Latin America Brazil Mexico Others Middle East and Africa.
Competitive Analysis:
Along with a review of the industry’s competitive environment, the following major players have also been profiled: 3M Company, Amphenol Corporation, Broadcom Inc., EMCORE Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, II-VI Incorporated, International Business Machines Corporation, Lumentum Operations LLC, Molex LLC (Koch Industries Inc.), Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., TE Connectivity, and The Siemon Company.
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