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Serial acquirer Babble has dipped into the market again in a move that will strengthen its security proposition.
The firm has picked up cyber security and connectivity solutions specialist Activereach, which is based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
The latest acquisition target, which comes just a month after Babble sealed its last deals, adds more security depth to the portfolio and will give the channel player the chance to go out to its customer base of 16,000-plus with more support around data protection and malware prevention.
This marks the seventh deal Babble has struck this year alone, and is number 22 since 2019, as the firm looks to expand its reach and depth around comms, contact, cyber and mobile. Even before this deal was announced, the firm had got to a level where it was topping £40m revenues last year and gaining a widening coverage of the UK.
Security remains one of the key concerns for customers, and demand for products and services remains high. Increasing pressure to ensure that hybrid workers are not increasing risk has led to investments across the board, including in established segments such as firewalls.
The list of vendors Activereach works with includes the likes of Cisco, Check Point, Cloudstrike, Imperva, Mimecast and SonicWall. 
“This deal is one of the most exciting things we have done as a business and it enhances us with amazing people and new technological capability,” said Babble CEO Matt Parker. “Bringing Activereach into Babble is a huge step forward in the growth of the cyber portion of our business, and with this new expertise we’re equipped to further help our customers.”
In response, Activereach managing director Mike Revell said the business had established itself as a strong operation since setting up in 2008 with a solid staff, but was ready for a fresh chapter.
“We now see exciting times ahead in building an enterprise cyber practice to another level that will naturally sit alongside the three other Babble product pillars. This will certainly be a winning proposition that will exceed our customers’ expectations,” he said.
“Our two organisations are a perfect fit in so many ways, particularly in the family orientated values that came across so strongly when we engaged with [Parker] for the first time,” he added.
Last month, Babble made a double acquisition, picking up Salisbury-based Berry Telecom and Cavendish communications Group, which operates out of Newhaven. Both have a strong background in comms, security and networking, and will add greater depth to Babble’s portfolio.
In July, the firm swooped for Wakefield-based technology provider Yorkshire Telecom/Biscuit IT and Basildon-based mobile services provider ADSI.
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