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Baltimore, get charmed by your 2022 Technical.ly Awards nominees – Technical.ly

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Nov. 29, 2022 3:59 pm
They’re here.
(Graphic by Penji for Technical.ly)
Technical.ly Awards 2022 are underwritten by Comcast. This article was independently reported and not reviewed by Comcast before publication. Comcast is a Technical.ly Talent Pro client.
That’s probably pretty trite to say in 2022, after nearly three years of a pandemic and attendant global and domestic issues whose impacts on our economy and work culture have yet to be fully understood. But it’s nonetheless true, and a great reason to celebrate the things you — yes, you, the technologists and others who help make the Baltimore area a dynamic and fascinating place to be — have accomplished during 2022.
In that spirit, we’re back with the latest Technical.ly Awards, our annual recognition of the year’s top innovators, community connectors and inventions throughout Baltimore.
This year, we looked at those among you making a difference in their communities, workplaces and the Baltimore ecosystem at large. We sourced nominations earlier this month and curated the final list within the newsroom. Now it’s your turn to vote on those people, companies and innovations whose contributions to Baltimore tech’s vitality secured their spots on our list.
So, without further ado, read more about the nominees and cast your votes below:
What product, project or release this year is best poised to change its industry?
Who has most made this community better through coalition building, nonprofit work, access-minded initiatives, policymaking or other pathways?
Who is leading groundbreaking technical work within their company or organization? (Similar titles beyond CTO were accepted.)
What promising startup or growth-stage company is tackling an interesting problem, shaping its industry or inspiring a brighter collective future?
What empathetic leader or organizer is making their workplace or professional group more inclusive, resilient or engaging? (“Leader” doesn’t need to mean they hold a leadership title.)


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