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BBT.live software-defined connectivity to accelerate secure access service edge transformation with NVIDIA BlueField DPU platforms – Yahoo Finance

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Deploying the solution on NVIDIA BlueField will widen the availability of BBT.live tech-agnostic solutions for modern workloads.
TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BBT.live, the Tel Aviv-based startup that has developed an all-in-one, tech-agnostic, software-defined connectivity solution, has announced a new technology innovation powered by NVIDIA. As a result, BBT.live, the software-defined connectivity platform, will run on NVIDIA BlueField® data processing units (DPUs) to unlock the benefits of cloud-based connectivity solutions to businesses at every scale.
Modern workloads are experiencing an ever-growing need for network efficiency, privacy, and security. Businesses and enterprises that depend on solutions require additional hardware and integration, which introduces additional complexity and points of failure.
BBT.live’s proprietary technology, recognized by the Israel Innovation Authority, is device agnostic. It integrates with a variety of different hardware platforms (uCPE) without the need for time-consuming customization.
BBT.live’s software-defined connectivity platform can be installed on NVIDIA BlueField, bringing additional networking functionality to computer and server manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers. Deploying BBT.live’s software-defined connectivity capabilities on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs will ensure immediate access to the latest secure connectivity technology. The solution will enable full isolation of the network control and forwarding planes, aiming to simplify and improve network control and automation.
The NVIDIA BlueField DPU platform is based on NVIDIA’s system-on-chip that combines three main elements: a programmable, multi-core CPU, a high-performance network interface, and a set of flexible and programmable acceleration engines designed to improve application performance. By offloading data processing to the DPU, users can save CPU cycles while preserving the performance of distributed workloads.
BBT.live software running on NVIDIA BlueField DPU is an isolated solution and a complete system-on-board that is only functional within its boundaries and interacts with computer hardware (uCPE) over a standard computer hardware interface. It is compatible with similar or allied systems of environment variables over the standard interface. The isolated solution (NVIDIA BlueField DPU with BBT.live software) prevents manipulative external interventions as it functions as a black box.
With NVIDIA BlueField and software-defined connectivity on board, computer hardware manufacturers no longer have to wrangle individual network devices to offer network services, connect locations and applications, or govern resource and capacity utilization. Instead, the NVIDIA BlueField DPU with BBT.live’s software-defined connectivity takes care of this task by directing these individual “switches” to provide services when the business requires them.
“As businesses of all sizes continue to migrate toward cloud-based applications and cybersecurity solutions, our new solution powered by NVIDIA is an important milestone in our journey to becoming the go-to company for anyone looking for seamless, secure, and high-performing connectivity between remote locations,” said Moshe Levinson, CEO of BBT.live. “We are honored to deploy our  software-defined connectivity on the NVIDIA BlueField DPU and are grateful for the benefit that the BBT.live’s solution gets from leveraging its capabilities.”
The company’s solution has already been embedded in products of leading global hardware manufacturers such as Advantech and Intel. The company has also signed a collaboration agreement with security giant Check Point.
About BBT.live:
BBT.live offers enterprise-grade software-defined connectivity solutions that enable businesses and organizations to enjoy seamless network connectivity. By combining security with network functionality in the cloud, BBT.live offers lean SASE architecture designed for simplicity, security, and top application performance.
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