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Top network management software for small businesses
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Compare the top network management software products for small businesses to ensure the smooth operation of networks and devices.

Small business owners cannot deny the importance of keeping company computer systems, networks and devices running successfully. Network management is essential to operating a small business, as it helps ensure the smooth operation of their critical systems and assets. With so many network management software products available, choosing the right one for your small business can be overwhelming.
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In this article, we will take a closer look at the top network management software products for small businesses, including their features, capabilities and prices. Whether you are a small business owner or an IT professional, this article will help you decide on the best network management solution for protecting and optimizing your organization.

The Auvik logo.
Image: Auvik

Auvik is a network monitoring and management software that helps small businesses map and monitor the health and performance of their networks. It uses a range of technologies and a centralized dashboard to provide real-time visibility into the performance and availability of the users’ networks.
Auvik can support small businesses through its ability to automate many of the tasks involved in network management, such as network discovery, configuration management and alerting. The solution provides tools and capabilities for mapping, inventory, network visualization and troubleshooting.

The Auvik dashboard.
Image: Auvik

Auvik provides its solution in two plans: Essentials and Performance. Alternatively, shoppers can contact their sales team for pricing or to receive a custom quote.

The Atera logo.
Image: Atera

Atera software provides monitoring and management solutions for IT departments. The centralized solution provides multiple beneficial features to help IT teams increase the uptime and security of their organizational networks.
Atera’s Network Discovery features provide security scans of users’ end-user networks and devices that automatically update, allowing for real-time visibility of all digital assets and open ports within their monitored networks. It automatically monitors users’ Workgroup and Domain Controller networks, identifies assets and components of the IT environment, and even detects upselling opportunities.

An Atera dashboard.
Image: Atera

Atera also supports integration with the Domotz network monitoring platform through its technical APIs to provide additional real-time monitoring, management and diagnostics features. Domotz discovers and classifies all network devices using standard protocols and advanced algorithms. It also includes features for managing and configuring backups of network infrastructure.
After a free 30-day trial of the software, Atera charges a fixed monthly fee based on the number of technicians using the solution.
IT Department pricing:

The Spiceworks logo.
Image: Spiceworks

The Spiceworks Network Monitor tool is a free solution, making it great for small businesses on a budget. The software provides real-time network monitoring, distributed HTTP checking, and the ability to manage the status of critical network devices and web services.
Spiceworks can be implemented on any server or workstation. Users only need to configure the application URL through the solution’s Connectivity Dashboard to begin monitoring their network IP devices instantly. The software lets users gain real-time insights on their network connections and applications hosted on the cloud or within their data center. In addition, the tool’s real-time monitoring can allow organizations to catch potential problems before they can do damage to their infrastructure.

A SpiceWorks dashboard.
Image: SpiceWorks

This solution provides helpful free support to users online or by phone from IT professionals. Users can also chat and gain answers from the members of the Spiceworks Community.
The Spiceworks Network Monitor is a free solution.

The OpenNMS logo.
Image: OpenNMS

OpenNMS is an open-source enterprise-grade network service monitoring platform. This scalable solution uses an event-driven architecture to provide extensibility for monitoring on local and distributed networks.
Users can monitor and process data thanks to its distribution system. The program enables fault, traffic and performance monitoring, and it can also integrate with users’ workflows and third-party business applications.
This solution’s highly customizable and flexible nature is helpful for small business users to generate alarms and process data based on their organizational needs.

The OpenNMS dashboard.
Image: OpenNMS

OpenNMS Horizon is a free, open-source solution.

The Adrem Software logo.
Image: Adrem Software

NetCrunch is an agentless monitoring solution by Adrem Software. This tool is geared toward hybrid infrastructures and can benefit smaller organizations that wish to identify potential issues and alleviate problems ASAP.
The software can monitor a wide range of devices, services, configurations, network bandwidth, traffic, uptime, hardware and other applications. NetCrunch users can even monitor unique types of equipment like scientific equipment, broadcasting equipment, factories, traffic lights and other tools specific to certain industries.
The software has hundreds of monitoring targets available, so organizations can develop a solution that can perform any monitoring action needed for their situation.

A NetCrunch dashboard.
Image: NetCrunch

NetCrunch pricing is determined by the user’s chosen plan, each of which are licensed per node and interface. The following list includes the prices of each plan for 100/100 nodes/interfaces.
Shoppers can visit the Adrem Software pricing page for more pricing information.

The NinjaOne logo.
Image: NinjaOne

NinjaOne, formerly NinjaRMM, helps small businesses scale up their operations with their complete IT management service. The software unifies and automates several focus areas of IT management operations for users, enabling them to monitor their assets and protect their data from attacks.
The management platform was built for organizations of all sizes, and provides administrative tools and automations to save users time and effort. IT monitoring, security and business data backup capabilities are provided so that teams can manage their assets on any network. It can be especially beneficial for remote management and monitoring, and it has features to support users without the need for an on-premises server.

A NinjaOne dashboard.
Image: NinjaOne

Shoppers can visit the NinjaOne pricing page online to receive a custom quote. NinjaOne also allows users to test out the product through a free trial.

The Pulseway logo.
Image: Pulseway

Pulseway offers an all-in-one IT management solution that gives users power over their network security with real-time monitoring and management tools. The solution can monitor uptime and performance remotely with the Pulseway Server Monitoring module so that users receive real-time insight into their servers.

A Pulseway dashboard.
Image: Pulseway

The solution monitors XenServer, Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows Server Backup, SCOM and more server devices. It also provides next-level security with device access policies to protect organizations every step of the way.
Pulseway provides a free trial and tiered pricing starting from $22 per month. The final cost is determined based on the number of endpoints and devices as well as the security add-on features selected.

The LogicMonitor logo.
Image: LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is an agentless service program that provides automated monitoring and remediation solutions for businesses to secure their operations. The software takes care of monitoring and investigations and offers actionable real-time alerts, data forecasting capabilities and other valuable automated features.
This tool is definitely worthy of consideration for small businesses looking to leverage automation in their network management software. For example, the solution carries out event-based automation through rules, sensors and actions. LogicMonitor also provides many ways to customize and build upon the automated features, making this a scalable resource for small businesses.

A LogicMonitor dashboard.
Image: LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor provides its software through two versions — their Pro comprehensive hybrid monitoring tool or the Enterprise complete unified observability monitoring tool. Shoppers can contact LogicMonitor on their website to book a meeting, gain pricing information or experience a free trial.

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Top network management software for small businesses
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